Fallschirmsport Airtime

Professionals in sports

All our team members have already completed several thousand skydives and have years of experience in the field of Tandem Jumps. We are all trained skydiving instructors and trainers, competitors in the various skydiving disciplines and have work experience "around the world" (New Zealand, Australia, USA ... ).

Safety is our top priority

The equipment and materials we use are always in top shape and are regularly maintained by recognised parachute rigger or parachute technicians.

Personal care and service

You have questions or requests? We look forward to quickly and professionally replying to your requests


No agency, no intermediaries

You book your tandem jump or order your tandem jump voucher directly from us. Not through an agency or intermediary! Therefore you have a contact person who takes care of the entire process. Working alongside you we can help with advice and tips to ensure you find the right solution.

Short distances to the drop zones

We offer tandem jumps in different drop zones in the south and south-west of Germany.

Satisfied Costumers

Look in our guestbook and read for yourself what customers write of Fallschirmsport Airtime!

Steffen Hanselka

Steffen Hanselka

  • Manager Fallschirmsport Airtime
  • AFF instructor DFV & USPA
  • Tandemmaster
  • USPA-Coach
  • static line-Instructor
  • Video/Foto-Flyer
  • Skydiver since 2002
  • Number of skydives 4000+
Marcel Russy


  • Tandemmaster
  • Skydive-Coach
  • Parachute rigger
  • Video/Foto-Flyer
  • Skydiver since 2010
  • Number of skydives 1900+
Oli Hotopp


  • Tandemmaster
  • AFF instructor (Examiner)
  • USPA-Coach
  • Skydiver since 1990
  • Number of skydives 10.000+
Rene Schäffler


  • Tandemmaster
  • Skydiver since 2005
  • Number of skydives 1900+
Stefan „Gruschi“ Gruschwitz

Stefan „Gruschi“

  • Tandemmaster
  • AFF instructor
  • Skydiver since 2007
  • Number of skydives 2600+