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Tandem Jumping and skydiving in Karlsruhe - Mannheim - Frankfurt

The skydiving drop zone in Karlsruhe lies directly on the Germany-France border. The magnificent landscape on the southern edge of the Palatinate Forest enhances your tandem jump to a truly special experience. A few minutes drive from Karlsruhe, the drop zone close to Landau is easily reached. It is an ideal place for skydiving for the entire region of Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg.
Whether from Frankfurt, Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, Landau or Stuttgart you can always turn up at the drop zone in the southern Palatinate for a tandem jump. The drop zone is definitely one of the most beautiful for skydiving in the Rhine-Main area.

Skydive drop zone in Karlsruhe

Have you seen the Palatinate Forest or the Karlsruhe Rhine harbour from a bird’s perspective before? After your tandem jump it’s a yes! Not only a Tandem skydive but also "included" is a flight that gives you a different eagle-eye perspective of the region around Karlsruhe.

At the drop zone we use a Pilatus Porter PC-6 airplane. It carriers 10 Skydivers in about 15 minutes to an altitude of 4,000m. Built in Switzerland this machine is one of the most frequently used aircraft for skydiving and is especially good for a tandem jump.

You can bring friends and family to share your tandem jump experience. Spectators are always welcome when skydivin and for those at home unable to witness your tandem skydive you take advantage of our DVD/ Photo Service. Your tandem skydive experience can be recorded as an unforgettable memory on Video or photos.
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Other Activities in the Karlsruhe region

The adventure of Tandem skydiving combines well with a day or weekend trip to the region of South Palatinate, whether to eat “Flammkuchen” or go wine tasting (only after the tandem jump!) in the surrounding regions of Wissembourg (France) or Schweigen-Rechtenbach (German Wine Route). Surrounding national parks include large hiking areas. At the airfield the skydiver bistro “Cockpit” caters for refreshments and food.

If you have no car, no problem, the airfield is one of only three in Germany to have direction train connections. The others are Frankfurt and Cologne/ Bonn – where it is not possible to do a tandem jump! From Karlsruhe by train with Deutsche Bahn takes 47 minutes and from Frankfurt it takes 2 hours 16 minutes to the airfield.

Directions to us:

In your satnav enter:

Speckstraße, 76889 Schweighofen

Link to Google Maps

The satnav guides you to Speckstrasse, from there: On Speckstrasse drive straight on, shortly before the railway crossing turn right. Continue straight on, past the first buildings. By the entrance to the bistro Cockpit, on the right-hand side is a car park. At the Tandem Jump registration please ask for Steffen, or your contact person or any other members of the Fallschirmsport Airtime! team, who will be ready to welcome you.