Fallschirmsport Airtime

General Questions about Tandem Jumps

What services do Fallschirmsport Airtime offer?
We offer an airplane for you to jump out of and have a wonderful, safe time doing it! Whether tandem jumps for the novice or training to become a skydiver, we offer a full service. Action, adventure and adrenalin await you!
What weather is required for jumping?
As a rule we only ever jump when the weather conditions are “safe”. That means wind and cloud conditions allow a safe tandem skydive to be made. Whether it’s “Jumping Weather” or not will be decided on the day of the jump at the location!
What happens when it’s not Jumping Weather?
We simply make a new appointment. Your gift voucher remains valid and we will continue trying until the jump can be made.
I’m afraid of heights, is still possible for me to jump?
Ultimately you must decide. The traditional fear of heights won’t stop you being able to perform a tandem jump! Are your problems are at the top of a high ladder, or on the edge of a cliff? That is usually a result of you being able to calculate the distance. When we open the door at 4000m it is not possible for you judge the height and the view of the earth creates more a feeling of fascination than frightening.
Can I bring my family and friends with me?
Whether family, friends or colleagues – whoever you wish to be with you – bring them with you. For you comfort you can bring your own food and drinks or alternatively most airfields offer refreshments. On some days there may be enough free capacity for spontaneous candidates to join in if they are unable to resist the attraction of a tandem skydive! Just ask, the earlier we know in advance the easier it is for us to plan in.
Can I jump with glasses or contact lenses?
No problem. You will receive a pair of parachute glasses from us that will protect your eyes. Wearers of glasses will receive a specially adapted pair.
How much time should I plan for my tandem jump?
Please plan time generously, best is to allow a whole day. If everything goes to plan and the weather allows a safe jump, then the whole experience will last around 2 hours. Weather can of course generate long waits. Operational delays are also possible and cause sometimes slight delays. You can be assured that we will never have unnecessary waits and delays.
What should I wear for my tandem jump?
You must feel comfortable, able to move freely and dressed appropriately for the weather conditions – normal casual clothes are good. You don’t need to worry too much because you will receive a jumpsuit from us to go over your clothes to ensure that you are correctly dressed for the jump. Sport shoes/ trainers are best to wear however normal street shoes are also fine. Important: no boots or walking boots!
Can I be filmed making my tandem jump?
To capture the moment forever we offer a number of options for you. It is important that you inform us as soon as possible that you wish to have photos or a film of your tandem jump. Even for last minute wishes, we’ll find a solution.
If two or more of us are jumping, can we jump together?
Of course we will accommodate your wishes, as long it is organisational possible, to get pairs or groups in the air together. That means that you will fly in the same airplane but every tandem jumper will have to jump themselves!
Can I take my own camera on the tandem jump?
No! GoPro, cameras or other devices, regardless of how they are fitted or used, cannot for many reasons be used. Insurance doesn’t allow the passenger to carry a camera. It also distracts you from the wonderful time you’ll be having. If you want a film or photos trust our professional parachuting photographers to capture this special day.

Tandem Jump Gift Vouchers, Appointments and Webshop Questions

How do the Gift Vouchers work?
You can purchase Tandem Jump vouchers in our online shop. These can be redeemed at any future date with Airtime.
The exact date can be then be booked by yourself or the recipient. The Gift Voucher is primarily there as a gift idea – an unforgettable day for someone special.
How long are the Gift Vouchers valid for?
At least 3 years.
Our gift vouchers are not personalized, allowing them to be easily transferred.
Vouchers can also be used for any of the locations offered by Airtime. An appointment must be made to redeem the voucher.
How can I reserve my Tandem Jump?
Please write to us by email or use the contact form on the website. We can then agree on a date that is suitable for you – whether you are booking alone or for a group.
We are also available by phone to answer any questions you should have.
Is there a postage/ shipping charge for the gift voucher?
No. This is included in the price (Shipping within Europe).
How can I pay at Fallschirmsport Airtime?
At our locations only cash is acceptable!!!
    In our Online Shop you can pay by:
  • (Prepayment / Bank Transfer): With our confirmation email you receive our bank details. When we have received your bank transfer your gift voucher can be sent out. method if you use online banking.
  • (Paypal account is required)
How quickly can the Gift Voucher be sent?
We will always ship immediately on payment.
Payment by Sofort Überweisung or PayPal are often sent on the same day.
Bank transfers need to be received by our account before shipping.
Should you require a Gift Voucher for a Tandem Jump even quicker then please contact us to find a solution. Should it be required we can even offer an option where you can print yourselves.
What does the voucher look like? Is it possible for it be gift-wrapped?
Airtime vouchers:

The voucher is gift-wrapped wiht our stylish Airtime Aluminium box.
Do I need a Gift Voucher to Tandem Jump?
No! You can simply book directly with us, we can agree a date and payment can be made directly on arrival on the day of the tandem jump.
The Gift Voucher is primarily there as a gift idea – an unforgettable day for someone special.
Can several people share a video/ photos of the Tandem Jump?
Unfortunately this is not possible. For every jumper a special parachutist photographer is organized to jump with you. They accompany you throughout your whole flight, recording you from the “outside” perspective. The photographer can only accompany 1 tandem jumper per flight.