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Skydiving and Tandem skydiving in Augsburg - Ulm - Stuttgart

Günzburg - the place for tandem jumping in Bayern! It is conveniently located in the middle between the two state capitals of Stuttgart and Munich as well as between the regional centres of Ulm and Augsburg. Günzburg is easily reached via the A8 Augsburg/Stuttgart (exit Günzburg) from there it is only a few minutes to the airfield Günzburg – Donauried.

Due to the good transport links, the drop zone is ideally situated for everyone from Augsburg, Ulm and Stuttgart wishing to skydive. It covers a large part of south-western Bavaria and the south-eastern part of Baden-Württemberg.

The Skydiving Drop Zone in Günzburg

The Drop zone Günzburg is located in the beautiful countryside of the western part of Swabia (Bavaria) and with its proximity to the Alps offers an incredible panorama for a Tandem skydive in good weather. Your tandem jump flight includes ‘half’ of a sight-seeing flight – until we reach a height of 4,000m when the adrenaline rush of the tandem skydive takes over.
The world as seen from above in the beautiful Bavaria is of course a special experience. With the Alpen Foehn (warm winds) there is a 100% view of the Alps, the river Donau flowing from Ulm to Donauwörth, it doesn’t get better than that for tandem skydive.

In Günzburg we use a Pilatus Porter PC-6 airplane. It carriers 10 Skydiver in about 15 minutes to 4,000m. This type of aircraft is one of the most popular and most economical for skydiving.

Your friends and family are of course always welcome in the drop zone and can watch your tandem skydive live from the ground. When that’s not enough, or for those at home, of course, we also offer you the complete multimedia package with freefall video or freefall photos. Your tandem skydive experience in freefall Video and or freefall Photo. (Tandem Jump Gift Voucher – Visit our Shop)

Other Activities in Günzburg after your Tandem skydive

The adventure of skydiving can be excellently combined with a day or weekend trip to the region. Located close to the drop zone are many small lakes that after the tandem jump from the airplane have inviting cool water to jump into. Numerous restaurants in and around Günzburg ensure your physical well-being. At the drop zone there is the airfield restaurant “Gaumenflug”.

Another highlight is the Legoland Park just off the A8 Augsburg/ Ulm exit Günzburg, probably one of the top attractions in southern Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) and is always worth a trip for families. Who can claim to have visited the Legoland theme park and to have seen it from above during a parachute tandem jump. For those of you who don’t find this enough, on top of tandem skydiving, Günzburg is also an ideal starting point for trips to the Swabian Baroque with its many picturesque villages.

Directions to Günzburg drop zone

In your satnav enter:

Otto-Lilienthal-Weg, 89132 Günzburg

Link für Google Maps

By car - from Munich the drop zone Günzburg is easiest reached via the A8 Munich towards Stuttgart. Exit Günzburg on the A8, then turn right onto the B16 towards Günzburg. Stay on the B16. Over the river Donau, after the Günzburg town sign, on the righthand side is a parking place, 300m after this take a left turn. Drive past the farm and before the runway turn left onto Otto-Lilliental-Weg. Drive past the airfield tower on the left, find a parking space, walk through the long building to the Club House. On arrival just ask for Steffen or a member of the Fallschirmsport Airtime! team.