Fun, Action, Adventure & Adrenaline!

…await you at your fist skydive from 4000m!

Whether as a hobby, competitively or just for extrordinary fun – skydiving offers something for everyone. An ideal sport that can change your whole life! We offer an introduction to Tandem Jumping, an uncomplicated and with no previous experience necessary introduction to the sport of skydiving.

Skydiving – The Sport that’s a little bit different

…combining body control, quick reactions and concentration.

Fallschirmsport Airtime experts will accompany you through every step making your first skydive an unforgettable experience. More information on skydiving and tandemskydiving can be found on our Homepage. Have a look around.

Should you have any further questions about skydiving, Tandem Jumps, a skydiving qualification or if you want to book a Tandem Skydive please contact us directly.

Tandem Jump

A simple and uncomplicated variety of jump which allows you a fascinating introduction to the sport of skydiving.

No previous knowledge and no great investment in time mean you can realize the age-old dream of being able to fly with Fallschirmsport Airtime.

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For your Tandem Jump you can choose between various locations.

For a Tandem Skydive in Bavaria

...our Skydiving drop zone is well located in Günzberg (between Augsburg and Ulm), ideal for Tandem jumpers travelling from München, Augsburg or Stuttgart.

For Tandem Jumps in the Rhein-Main Region

. . . . our Skydiving Drop Zone for the Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Frankfurt area is ideally situated and easily reached in the beautiful Südpfalz. This is also the location for Tandem Jumpers from Kaiserslautern.

More info about our locations

Vouchers / Shop

In our online shop you can purchase Tandem Jump Gift Vouchers. This special gift is a Tandem Jump with Fallschirmsport Airtime. Gift vouchers for a video or photos are also available for all Tandem Jumps. Gift Vouchers for a Tandemjump from 4000m also available for video and photos

Gutschein - Fallschirmsport Airtime

Our Tip: We can present your Tandem Jump vouchers in our stylish gift packaging – at no extra cost. Postage is also inclusive (Shipping within Europe).



Our skydiving season runs from April to October. Our jumps generally take place at weekends, Saturdays and Sundays including Bank Holidays, in the summer months we can also jump on Friday afternoons. For possible dates please contact us – email us or use our contact form.



We’ve put together the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about skydiving, tandem jumps, what happens during the day with us, safety requirements etc. Any other questions you should have please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.